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How It Works

It's so easy!

1) Record a sketch of your song. ( Click here for sketch details )

2) Order a guitar track for your song and upload your sketch.

3) Preview our work:

Once these steps are complete, we will upload an MP3 preview of your guitar tracks mixed with your playback to our server and send you a confidential link to the preview within 48 hours.

If you are satisfied with the preview you may proceed to buy one of our recording packages.

When you order guitar tracks from us, you buy 100% security - if you are not satisfied with the preview you can request as many changes as you like.

4) Buying your recording package:

Once you confirm the preview, all you have to do is send payment for your  recording package and you will be able to download the original channels of the recording and our suggested stereo mix within 48 hours, or if you prefer we can send you a CD version via Fedex.

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