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What do I need to send you?

In order to record your track, submit a sketch of your song that includes your song on one side and a metronome/click track on the other. You should convert it to a stereo mp3 file to allow easy uploading.

What if I can't provide you with a metronome/click track?

If you can't provide us with a metronome in your sketch, we can try to find it for you or record the track without a metronome. in this case, please contact us before placing your order.

How do I upload my sketch?

After placing your order you will find a link to our upload tool to upload your sketch.

What should be the quality of my sketch?

In order to record a track best suited for your song and as a reference for synchronization, we need to have a sketch. It doesn't have to be a high quality recording. However, the sketch should:

  • describe the character of your song
  • be in MP3 format, to enable quick uploading
  • Keeping the music in perfect sync with the metronome guarantees you will receive a solid drum track (one method to achieve this is extensive use of MIDI for the sketch only).

Should my sketch include midi drums?

It is preferable if you send the completed drum track. If you do use midi drums send a track that is VERY close to what you will have for the finished project.

Will I be able to load the tracks into a professional recording studio system?

Sure! We will send you the tracks of the recording in any bit-depth (8, 16, 20 or 24bit) and sample rate (44.1, 48, 88.2 or 96 kHz) you request in Wave file format. A stereo mix of these tracks including effects will also be included. You may choose between free online delivery and having a CD sent to you for an additional shipping fee. Using these files, you will be able to load the tracks easily into any professional recording studio system.

NOTE: You must be sure to load the tracks into your project at the same point where your sketch starts. The simplest way to do this is to have your sketch start at the beginning of your project, including the silence before the song starts.

Do I lose any rights to my music/lyrics/recording when you record tracks for me?

Your rights to your music, lyrics and recording remain reserved to you and you may use them for any purpose without paying royalties to, including but not limited to advertising, radio and TV - provided the tracks are presented as part of the song and/or musical piece they were originally recorded for - not by themselves .

What rights and restrictions do I have on the tracks?

  • You may not sell the tracks as a stand alone Drum/Bass/Keyboard/Guitar tracks. You may sell them only if they are attached to the original song they have been recorded for.
  • You may edit the tracks (including omitting them entirely), provided you do not use them or any part of them in another song (i.e. you may only use the tracks in the song for which they were originally recorded).
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