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Track Copy Recording Trick Tip
By Lou Lombardi

Do you want to really beef up your lead tracks? Are you jonesing for that huge vocal sound? Maybe you're having trouble getting a track to "sit" in the mix without sounding tacked on. This is a common problem with vocals.

Try this:

Using the track copy feature in your software make at least 2 copies of the track. EQ each track differently. Make one track very bright, leave one flat and create a track EQ'd with a lot of bass. Don't be afraid to get drastic with your settings.

Now you have three frequencies that you can simply access by working your faders. If it is sounding a little thin, blend in the “bassy” track. Too dark? bring up you “treble” track, etc…

You can also experiment with varying degrees of pan and effects. Try creating a track that is soaked in verb and then just barely blending it in with the others. If there is a certain frequency that you just can't seem to hear create a track just for that one. Then blend it in as needed. I have songs with ten or more tracks all EQ’d and effected differently…very fat!

You can apply this technique to other instruments as well. A cool thing to do with the kick drum is to create 2 tracks. EQ one for “snap” and one for “thump”. You can have both sounds and simply mix them to taste.

This yields a much more of the "three dimensional" sound that you hear on most recordings today.

This isn't a "cure all". There are lots of other factors to consider, but I have found this technique to be very helpful.

Experiment...have fun!

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