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Request for Consulting

YourGuitarist founder Lou Lombardi announced the launch of a free telephone coaching session for musicians and bands entering the studio to record their newest project. Lou will share his extensive experience during a 20 minute coaching session, addressing issues ranging from budgeting/funding, pre-production preparation to interacting with the engineer and/or producer.

"Bands most often just step into the studio with little preparation, resulting in wasted time and finances, which they simply can't afford," noted Lou. "By covering some of the basic issues typically neglected by bands before they start recording, we'll be able to have a real impact on the project's cost and quality."

Lou Lombardi has a column in the music business magazine MusicDish. His articles cover recording and production issues, as well as providing reviews of products from leading manufacturers such as Riffworks, Seymour Duncan and Genz Benz. Over time, it became apparent to Lou that his column could only go so far in providing maximum benefit to his readers.

"Every musician and band's circumstance is different. Whether they're recording a demo, EP or album, their budget, session players, etc... It's only by dealing with each on a case-by-case basis that you can really have an impact on the cost and time for the project's completion.

Sound like what you're looking for. To take advantage of the consulting session call 724.263.6692 or fill out the contact form and Lou will follow up with you.

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