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Lady Flint: Hard Time Review

hardtime-300x300Lady Flint is an explosive two-piece band, formed in 2012 from the collision of two mavericks from Marseille, France.  Tony More on guitar and vocals, and Gran Dav on drums play a brand of blues based rock that has more in common with Wolfmother and The White Stripes than Buddy Guy or B.B. King.  Their sound is self described as “garage blues and dirty stuff.”

Their first full length CD, Hard Time is a full force post grunge, post alternative, post punk blues riffing assault. More and Dav never let up. They burn through all ten tracks like their lives depend on it. There’s an exciting new breed of blues based artists out there today but none play with quite the intensity of Lady Flint.

The songwriting is solid and memorable. They showcase their penchant for hardcore riff rock on  “Bring Your Love Back There.”  “Crocodile” is  an amped up, Black Sabbath on speed track, full of piss and vinegar and “Blazing Fire” is a great example of the band’s unabashed love for post punk, alternative rock. The Nirvana-esque “Call It Suicide” could easily land Lady Flint on alternative rock radio. Just like blues loving rockers of the past from Led Zeppelin, to The Black Crowes, Lady Flint, understands that blues isn’t a scale. It’s about soul and these guys bring the soul in spades. They are the voices crying in the wilderness.

Hard Time may not be for everyone. Some will say “That ain’t blues!’  To them I say, “The times they are a changin’.” This is blues for the brave new world.

The Review: 8.5/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– Crocodile
– Call It Suicide
– Blazing Fire
– Ocean
– Bring Your Love Back Here

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