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Lou Lombardi Words and Music

Welcome to the NEW and IMPROVED Lou Lombardi & Strangelove newsletter!  This month we have a interesting article about the status of the eletric guitar in rock/pop music as well as a brand new “Strangelove Recomends”.



Dateline: Pittsburgh, PA

The band is taking a brief hiatus do to the illness of our bass player Dave Z’s eldest son.  Adam is improving with Dave and Lina’s (Adam’s mom) love and support and some great care the the wonderful staff at Children’s Hospital in Pittsuburgh.  In the mean time Gary and I are cutting demos for some original material and catching up on our movie watching.

 Strangelove Recomends:

Who says that chicks can’t rock?  I caught Grace Potter when she came through Pittsburgh last.  It was a great show.  In case you missed it here she in on the Ellen show.  Turn up your speakers and get ready to get your groove on!


 This Month’s Feature:

The State of the Electric Gutiar in Popular music

by Lou Lombardi

Rock Music has a unique sense of excitement that has always distinguished it from the contemporary music and even today it beholds a significant position amongst all other forms with legends written all over history. Rock Music originated in United States and after that it spread across the world like a rage. A group of musicians specialized in rock music is called Rock band or Rock Group. The beginning of rock music started with Pianos and Saxophones but it became known for the guitar when electric Guitar was invented. Guitar is one of the most versatile and expressive instruments. It can do chores and melody like a Piano or expressive solo like a Violin.

         Rock Music has always been evolving. Pure rock had become all but obsolete. In the past decades some of the most promising authentic rock bands ended up merging into alternatives or electronic rock.                  

Rock Music now is in a sea of music fusion. Rock Music is still very popular and today’s youth is starved for good new rock. The videogames such as Guitar hero and rock band are in demand because of the popularity of rock music. The flurry of new rock bands had again lived up the rock music.

     The young artist Orianthi is a live example. She is a musician, guitarist and singer. She appeared at 51st Grammy Awards as Carrie Underwood lead guitarist. She was Michael Jackson’s lead guitarist and was present on all rehearsals for his THIS IS IT Concerts before his death. She was also named one of the 12 greatest female Electric guitarists by Elec magazine. Also the famous White stripes band which is notable for having two musicians. The band always centered around three. They play vocals, guitars and drums.    

The famous musician Ben Harper is known for his guitar playing skills, vocals and live performances. This American singer is a two time Grammy award winner.

There are many Grammy nominations in the rock category. Kid rock, Kings of Leon, Metallica, Cold Play are the examples of artists that represents one definition of what exactly the rock music is.  The Black keys band consists of only two people with one acting as the guitarist and the other drummer and vocals.

Arcade Fire consists of Husband and Wife duo and they have won numerous awards including 2011 Grammy award for album of the year. Eric Clapton is one of the most important and influential guitarists of all time. Robert Plant known as the vocalist and lyricist of the rock band Led Zeppelin. He also had a successful solo career.

      Rock Music always have a pretty decent as it has its own category and the youth is still crazy about Rock Music as it rocks. Rock is an exciting and highly admired genre of popular music which mainly appeals to the young generation. The most admirable aspect of this genre is its variety and unique style.

Rock is the modern and advanced form of music that is comparatively faster and louder than the conventional genres like classic and folk. It gives the artists a liberty to experiment with variety of styles and express themselves with freedom. The soul of rock is the rock band or the group of musicians and singers who collectively play the songs. The youth is simply crazy for this form of music; they are ardent fans of the various rock stars. The rock albums take you through the various aspects and emotions of life. The words of the songs simply enthrall the senses and thrill the listeners. In this kind of music the prominent vocal melody is accompanied with hard instruments like drums, brass and guitar etc, along with the mellotrans and other keyboard instruments. The rock reached great heights with several amazing rock stars that awed the audiences with amazing performances. Elvis Presley is the most admired and popular artist in the world of rock, his astounding style, classic dance movements and incredible songs entertained the music lovers. The Beetles is the most famous and highly applauded rock band. They had the most numbers of the chart topping hits with the emergence of MTV rock gained immense hype and recognition. Internet further enhanced the growth of this unique genre. The highly popular rock music CDs are available on the internet, you can easily find your favorite DVD for rock music on various websites.

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Lou Lombardi


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