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Archive for May, 2011

Lou Lombardi Words & Music May 2011

Tuesday, May 17th, 2011


Thanks for joining us for another installment of the Lou Lombardi

“Words & Music” Newsletter

Okay kids you’re going to want to put your thinking caps on this month. Our feature article is about the use of Metaphor in rock lyrics. This should help give Rolling Stone Critic like insite into your favorite bands lyrics. We are also bringing you a great live performance byt Butch Walker to keep you rockin’ your body to the ground all month! ;)




Dateline: Pittsburgh, PA

Rehearsals resume this month for our summer tour. Look for new tunes and new faces at the shows. You will recieve an additional email with a list of summer 2011 dates. Don’t touch that dial!


Lou Lombardi’s Strangelove Recommends Butch Walker.


You may not have heard Butch perform but you probably have heard more than one of his songs. Following in the steps of Desmond Child, and John Hiatt, Butch has written songs that have become hits for other people like Pink, Fall Out Boy, and Avril Lavigne to name a few.



Feature:A Metaphoric Perspective: Rock LyricsByLou LombardiMetaphors, though contradictory in some respects make strong points in lyrics. They are important in getting a point across; a definition of feeling, an example of comparison of how instances reflect on people and situations, life and occasions, celebrations and mortification. What better place to state your ideals than in a song. Rock songs are especially vulnerable to such lyrics. Metaphors are needed for this purpose to make sense of the subject, to convey comparisons in an illogical yet understandable way.The lyrics in any song can tell a good story. Often the story is contradictory and the lyrics become metaphoric in such situations. For instance, when comparing, metaphorically speaking, an English Prof would banish the expressions from his or her vocabulary in an instant, but for talented musicians and songwriters metaphors are the common essence of most songs. Metaphors in rock songs usually compare things like sex with other essences in life good or bad. Or introduce impossible actions and thoughts.One of the favourite metaphors of this writer is “Runs like the Wind”. Obviously, the wind does not run and people cannot breeze through trees. The importance of this line is trying to convey the speed of an individual compared to the movement of the wind but when you consider this realistically, there really cannot be any comparison. A very famous line is “Like a Candle in the Wind”, a simile, a beautiful song dedicated to a beautiful person, however, a candle in the wind would go out, and she did. Changing the metaphor into a sad reality that is reflected in the line “the wings of your compassion”. This example of a metaphor brings important notice to this song as it describes how Princess Diana shared her heart and soul with the less fortunate. Compassion does not come with wings, and this line implies something that is not, the definition of a metaphor.

Metaphors are an important part of life in general, and are used commonly leaving the listener to interpret the lyrics in a song to fit their state of affairs; different scenarios can be developed from one single line from one metaphoric statement. “I am a Rock, I am an island”, giving credence to someone who is strong, silent and alone, nevertheless a person is not a rock neither is he an island. However, the emphasis of this statement is conveying the importance of this individuals desire to be alone in his silence and strength. In addition, this could interpret in a less positive way in terms of abandonment.

The use of metaphors also shortens what could become a lengthy description of a situation, changing a complete sentence into one line, enabling the artist to get a point across simply and quickly. “I’m feeling quite alone and it seems as though no one really cares because here I am, discarded and by myself, sitting like a rock on an island. . .” and this is the point of importance of metaphors in rock lyrics. Are you a writer? We are always looking for unique material, stories, how to’s, even recipes and house hold tips. Feel free to email us with anything that you got and we will do our best to get you published!

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