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Archive for April, 2011

Lou Lombardi Words & Music April 2011

Monday, April 25th, 2011

Thanks for joining us for another installment of the Lou Lombardi

“Words & Music” Newsletter

This month we have a review of Joe Bonamassa’s latest concert DVD as well a cool video and of course all the Lou Lombardi & Strangelove info you need to keep rockin’ your little heart out! 😉



Dateline: Pittsburgh, PA 

Writing, writing, writing…Lou is working on several new tunes for the upcoming CD release. Gary has laid down some drums for one of the new tracks called “The Bigger World”. The band is still taking a break from shows but will be back in full swing for summer 2011. They will be playing the Jeep Festival in Butler, PA in August, as well as a few “warm-up” shows beforehand. Stay tuned for all the details.


Lou Lombardi’s Strangelove Recommends Joe Bonamassa

For those of you who aren’t familiar with “Smokin’ Joe” all we have to say is, “Where the hell have ya been?” Joe combines the best of blues and rock to create a style all his own. He’s a dynamic performer with an amazing sound. Check out this clip from his latest DVD Live from The Royal Ablert Hall



DVD Review: Joe Bonamassa,

Live at the Royal Albert Hall


Lou Lombardi

Some of the world’s greatest musicians have performed at the Royal Albert Hall in London, England and come away smiling and Joe Bonamassa is no exception. One of the most acoustically profound buildings in the world is the Royal Albert Hall. The Royal Albert Hall built to satisfy the appreciation of the arts for Queen.

Victoria has been around since 1871. Joe Bonamassa, who can only be described as an exceptional musician, is amongst some of the finest artists to fill this venue. Joe not only filled this amazing auditorium with over 5,000 people, but with huge sounds of his untouchable talents. The creative manipulation of guitar strings, played skillfully, burst forth in tuneful profusion emanating strident but pleasant, toe tapping or heart absorbing notes accompanied by the bluesy voice of Joe Bonamassa, filling the room with only his amazing music. Eyes hypnotized by the speeding fingers flying over the fret board and streaming across the strings of the Yamaha Acoustic guitar, not missing a note; faster and faster they fly, reaching a breathtaking climax as he plucks the last note and the audience stand in an explosive appreciative uproar. His acoustic performances were exquisite; to say nothing of the skilled manipulation of his Gibson Les Paul Gold Top guitar, for fans that play themselves, you can buy a replica of Joe Bonamassa’s Gold Top guitar from Amazon. Seeming oblivious to the audience, all his feeling transported to whichever guitar he was holding at the time had the audience enthralled. Faces all turned in his direction looking up with amazement, adoration, and so absorbed in this young man’s talents, quieting the crowd with the gentleness, then awakening everyone with the blasting sounds of his wailing guitar. The Les Paul wails but not in pain, but with the profound and intense rhythm and sound of arousing rock and blues.

Yet the sounds of silence prevailed amongst the crowd as everyone in the room sat in their entranced state watching and listening to this magical musician and his band perform. Enhanced by two incredible drummers, Anton Fig and Bogie Bowles both phenomenal drummers in their own right, and their extensive equipment gave songs such as Happier Times more intensity. The forever greats Carmine Rojas complimenting with his bass, Rick Mellick tapping the keyboards with his usual flair, and Terence William (Blondie) Chaplin performs magic on guitar. Every musician in this band put his all into this performance; it was quite evident with expression and appreciation by an exalted audience. As with any musician that has a true passion for the music, it is silently told in the expression and movement of the artist, and Joe Bonamassa tells all about passion and music. To add to all the excitement, the great legendary Eric Clapton made an onstage appearance adding honor to the already overwhelming feeling Joe expressed for being able to perform at the Royal Albert Hall.

This concert was undoubtedly a success, when such talent is on display and they display their natural talent so well, how could it not be successful. If you were one of the unfortunate ones that could not see him live, then you are surely going to enjoy this disc. For a copy of this incredible Joe Bonamassa 2-DVD set of The Royal Albert Hall Concert, you can go to It is currently #6 on Billboards Magazines for DVD’s and 10 on Top Blues Album Chart. For guitar players or fans alike, this is a DVD you cannot pass up.

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Lou Lombardi

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Guitar Nerd Alert!

Wednesday, April 20th, 2011

The mighty Alex Lifeson dicusses his gear used on the Time Machine tour.  We’re not worthy! 😉